‘East of Berlin’

MSR 1270

Just For Fun


Riff-Raff and Rhumba on ďJust for FunĒ CD showcase two significant things. First and foremost is the artistís talent level. The three CD releases to date demonstrate her ability to play just about any organ composition she wants! A close second is the versatility of the Beckerath organ. Although the builderís original intention was to create a solid instrument with strong German traits, it also has the uncanny ability to accommodate any music from the Gothic period right up to today -- and to do so incredibly well.
— Dave S., Oberlin

This is Bach played to his soaring and subtle best. It is indeed a thrill to hear beautiful music well interpreted. Iíve spent many wonderful hours driving with Johann and have loved every minute of it.
— SAM, Texas

Accept my sincerest compliments for your excellent playing. Your [Bach] CDís content speaks for itself. But it is a MUST for you to produce further Bach CDs. The singing character in all the parts is unique and really a reference to Walcha. Unfortunately, his name more and more falls into oblivion, a big loss to the tradition of organ music and to the interpretation of Bach. Although a pianist now, at the age of 21 I played the complete organ work of Bach by memoryÖ.
— Burkard Schliessmann, Germany

Aside from the fact that it is the best produced recording of organ Iíve ever heard AND fully accomplishes your purpose of showing off that particular organ AND that the organ is incredible and wonderfully in tune Ė aside from all the above is the straight line you have pursued for so many years to the musical, instrumental, and production goal you envisioned with perfect clarity from the beginning. It shines like a ray of dazzling joy in a drab world, and I know I am privileged to have met you early on.
— Joe Quittner, Cleveland

Congratulations on your remarkable CD “East of Berlin.” Who would have thought that one could
bring off the Mussorgsky on a von Beckerath, but you do – and with style! Keep up the stellar work!
— Clay Christiansen, Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City

Your music is quite varied and it sounds very good to me, uneducated as I am musically.
In college I dodged Music Appreciation for fear I would flunk – I took and passed art appreciation,
possibly because I invited the prof and his family to Fraternity on steak night! I enjoyed your
explanation of the organ. I do wonder what it would be like pulling the stops?
— Howard C., Ohio

“Your transcription of the Mussorgsky is very entertaining and well-done.
You should be very proud. Brava!
—Jim Christie, Boston & Oberlin

It was spine-tingling. Every time the bass kicked in, we literally jumped out of our chairs.
We sat waiting for the next big goosebump.
—Jay & Carol K, Chesterland

This is very serious. It’s one of the best-sounding CD’s I own.
I will be waiting to hear the Bach.
—Peter Breslau, New York

“The playing on this CD is absolutely first-rate! Even if you aren’t a fan of the organ, you will be after you hear Florence’s performances.”
—Marshall Griffith, Cleveland Institute of Music

“A virtually perfect display of pure sound. Congratulations on a job well done by all associated with
the project.
—Dave S, Oberlin

I found the registrations of the Mussorgsky more interesting than the orchestral version.
The CD is a treat. I really enjoyed listening to it.
—Jennifer K, Dallas



uuu©2007 text by Florence Mustric/Photography by Joe Glick Photography